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Many people feel painful at shoulder and neck but in fact that their hands and arms are being stiff.

Our hands and arms are very important in life, aren’t you?
In some cases, arm stiffness could effect to your shoulder.

Thanks for massage, toxins will definitely be disappeared.

There are many women concern their arms a lot, aren’t you?

For these reasons, we will take care you by our hands carefully(^o^)

Combining Lymphatic and Acupuncture knowledge during massage is our Rerafeel’s promise.



✓Highly skilled and trained therapists

✓Well-equipped massage rooms and at-home atmosphere

✓Natural skincare products from Japan

✓Japanese therapist available on request





Promotion for October

The procedure to slim both arms ✨
Lymphatic drainage affects the arm region for 60 minutes
1,600,000 VND → 980,000 VND
I want to wear sleeveless shirts without having to worry about my two slender arms!
This will be the right course for you 😍
By directly penetrating into the subcutaneous adipose tissue by the lymphatic drainage massage around the shoulder bone will improve the slimmer arm area 💥
Finally, massage the collarbone area, around the shoulder blades, to create the
sharp and subtle on your arms 😆
This is a highly effective method for reducing body fat on upper body 💓
Moreover customers can also add other services such as 😏
⭐ Completely eliminate edema on the body
Foot massage with lymph for 30 minutes
Add 500,000 VND
⭐If you are interested and want to lose thigh fat
Massage to reduce leg area within 30 minutes
Add 800,000 VND
Lift muscles and lymphatic circulation from back
Lymph for the dorsal area and slim the face in 80 minutes
2,000,000 VND → 1,500,000 VND
Shoulder, back, etc. are stiff, swollen due to sitting too long or taking care of and holding a baby.
I want to take care of my whole body and face ... But is that too expensive?
This is a special course for you 🌟
Lymphatic drainage massage helps to relax the back, the blue collarbone, and around the shoulder blades.
For faces that are often tired, you will definitely be relaxed with a lymphatic
massage to help slim your face 💆♀️
In the end will be the best course package we offer to our customers 😍
The process of transmitting impulse current through a special mask to stimulate the cells deep under the skin, providing serum for the cells of the skin ✨
Help to improve dry, ugly skin and acne 💓
Moreover customers can also add other services such as 😏
⭐ Restoring eye strain for customers who often work with computers
Care for eyes with lymph
Add 200,000 VND
⭐For customers who are worried about blackheads and roughness in the nose
Care for nose area
Add 300,000 VND
⭐Serum pack helps smooth and comfortable skin over the long term
Gel helps beautify the skin
Add 300,000 VND
This October, there will be many exciting events at Rerafeel
On the occasion of Vietnamese Women's Day (October 20)
Special promotion for Vietnamese women's day
Ear piercing
280,000 VND

100,000 VND
「Lift up
or 「Diet

It is also included in the piercing service
Please select one of the two offers above 😍
There is also a special program and a limited time for 👻 Halloween🎃
Promotion limited to 3 days only, from October 29 to October 31 !!!
We are looking forward to your visit 🌈


Promotion period: until Oct 31, 2019



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