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Many people feel painful at shoulder and neck but in fact that their hands and arms are being stiff.

Our hands and arms are very important in life, aren’t you?
In some cases, arm stiffness could effect to your shoulder.

Thanks for massage, toxins will definitely be disappeared.

There are many women concern their arms a lot, aren’t you?

For these reasons, we will take care you by our hands carefully(^o^)

Combining Lymphatic and Acupuncture knowledge during massage is our Rerafeel’s promise.


schedule announcement ~ day off of May ~

On May 8th, we will take a day off without permission.
Thank you for your consideration.



Thank you everyone for always supporting us

This is promotion of April♪

Everyone, thank you for visiting us all the time.
April is now!! Rerafeel Promotion in this month is… Slimming Crystal Lymph 100-minute Course!! Use the Rerafeel original crystal oil, we will take care for your body and continue to care about the hips and waistline of your body !!
It warms from the core of body and discharges the toxins ! How can we take care the whole body before Golden Week?

Slimming Crystal Lymph 100 minutes


Plus 200,000VND to get neck and shoulder service

Rerafeel is promoting Lymphotherapy Short Course 40 minutes to make slim face! Lympho cells are absorbed deeply into skin! ! After the course, you will have a slimmer face, refreshing eyes! ! And of course, to remove the make-up more easier and clearer.

Small Face Lymphatic Therapy 40 minutes


Plus 200,000VNDVND to get lotion mask! !

Please definitely try this opportunity! !
Rerafeel also offers Acupuncture and Lymphatic Massage Courses by Japanese acupuncturists.
Pregnancy Body Massage and Bridal Preparation Courses are also available! ! Please do not hesitate to contact us! !

☆ You can book from Line.
Search for @rerafeel !!

☆ Enzyme Drink from Japan is arrived! ! Ideal for replacing a meal or to vegan! !
For details please ask the staff.


For more information, please ask the staffs!
Consultation, questions, etc. Please feel free to contact us!
Everyone We look forward to your visit.


☆ in Japan Cosmetics FAITH handling
☆ and bridal beauty, we are also ready maternity Este.
Please feel free to contact us ♪

Promotion period: until April 30th, 2018



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